Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Real Life Super Heroes!

So two weeks ago I watched a HBO documentary on super heroes which I found funny.

I didn't actually believe this was true but apparently so. Since then a news article on Slashdot has persuaded me otherwise. A man who goes by the name Phoenix Jones was arrested for breaking up a fight with pepper spray and in all his awesomeness in a costume armed with pepper spray and even a cattle prod. All of this was on camera as his escapades of protecting the city of Seattle are. Which is pretty smart in defending yourself with proof as well as back up to call the police since he's been beaten, stabbed and shot before! I think people being super heroes standing up for their community against crime is an admirable thing because no one does anything, a.k.a. the bystander effect. So some people are pushed to the extremes of being a good samaritan. And yes that is awesome but also sad that no one stands up for good that one person has to do it and reap all repercussions himself. If the community protected the community we wouldn't need such superheros as all would be one. And yes I know we have the police, but when it comes to a crime happening, the police can only do something after the fact, they can only do something after its been committed, communities can stop it before it starts. Let me know what you think. Excelsior!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Dark Souls...To die will be a great adventure!

So I picked up Dark Souls on launch day and have been playing ever since. Let me just say it is just as hard as the first game, although it has changed up some key elements so its hard in other brutal ways as well. Like all games with the option I am playing as a hunter, although I barely use my bow since arrows cost to much. But the speed of running up on someone and slicing them before they know what hit them is my play style with the option to pull lone enemies with my arrows. I have to say there are a lot more what the game would see as mini bosses and I would see as full on bosses everywhere, as usual dying is a must for this game. Unlike the first game you are in a completely open world to go not where you please but where you can survive. It does cause the game to lag at times but not that much to be a hindrance to me, I like the bonfire idea that resets enemies so its a quick way to grind against your favorite undead. You yourself are in fact undead or a "hollow" and by finding humanity or randomly getting it you can be human again, however once you die you lose it. This is a wonderful problem for me since yesterday I played for about ten hours undead without finding a single humanity, while my brother within a few hours had five, my luck I guess. Although I play a little fast and loose whereas he is more methodical so I guess he is getting rewarded. But all the same the game has a wonderful dark atmosphere with something to murder you at every corner so to actually succeed has real worth and accomplishment to it. I wouldn't really recommend people with no patience to play this unless you are working on gaining some since this is a game to do it. You got to love games as hard as this, that's going to be it today as I am going back to switching between dieing on Dark Souls then the Battlefield 3 beta and back again.