Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Revenge of the Dragons

So an update on Skyrim, its is awesome I'm playing as an Argonian ranger one-shoting everything from a distance in the shadows. Just joined the thieves guild in Riften playing as stealthy as I can. The music really reminds me of Lord of the Rings sometimes, and whenever I'm on a quest I always get sidetracked when I notice a cave or castle I can run through. There is a lot of things to do in this game it is insane seeing all the things you can do. But on the funny but creepy side I've only noticed a couple of glitches like a man carrying wood he just chopped with two pieces magically attached to either side of his legs as he walks; maybe the first orthotics of Skyrim. Another is I saw a man on a horse suddenly rise up and fly lazy circles off towards the horizon, he did this twice and in different directions. I was hoping a dragon would swoop down and fly off with him. Speaking of dragons since the first one I killed every couple of hours the first dragons skeleton literally plops down in front of me out of the sky. I am beginning to think this is a warning from the other dragons by saying "We know.". This game is defiantly going to suck up all of my time for quite a while.


  1. Im the werewolf leader of the companions, Nords rule all!

  2. The dragons are pretty easy to take down once you know what your doing.